Farren School of Speech and Drama was launched in September 2018, by Anna Farren. Anna completed her Teaching Diploma with the Royal Irish Academy of Music in 2011, her Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Teaching in St. Patrick‚Äôs College in 2013 and finally, her Masters in Drama in Education in Trinity College Dublin in 2017. Anna is currently sitting on the committee of the Association of Drama in Education Ireland (ADEI). 

Anna founded her speech and drama school in Drumcondra Dublin in 2014 where she successfully ran both one to one and group classes for three years. Her pupils enjoyed success in the grade exams with the Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM). Now with her return home to Donegal she is delighted to bring her expertise to her new school in Letterkenny.

Anna will be running classes on a one to one basis, reflecting the training Anna herself received from her expert teachers along the way. This one-to-one environment is suitable for all, from the most extrovert, to those needing gentle encouragement to explore their talents and interests. The ethos and environment of the school is one of inclusion, positivity, encouragement and most of all, fun.

Anna will cover all modalities of speech and drama including poetry, drama and solo acting, improvisation, mime, oral communication, public speaking, interview techniques and the theory of speech. This will prepare the children to undertake structured exams with the RIAM, participate in performance and competitions and give them skills to take with them beyond the classroom into their adult lives.

Due to her dual qualification in both Speech and Drama and Primary Teaching, Anna is very aware of how Speech and Drama training can support and feed into the mainstream curriculum. Indeed, the English curriculum at primary and secondary school emphasises oral communication incorporating performance, presentation and interview. Anna believes that the support, encouragement and training the children receive will help develop these skills and lead to a greater confidence in the classroom and beyond.